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Date: 22 - 23 May, 2021

Local Programs of TSS 2020

Local Programs for TSS 2020 is under process,
until finalize please have a look at the programs held at TSS 2019. Please keep watching here.

Local Programs of TSS 2019

Colours of Winter
A TSS Production

Dance Direction and Choreography : Enakshi Sinha
Concept : Srijan Chatterjee
Concept Development : Enakshi Sinha and Srijan Chatterjee
Orchestra : Waterloo Chamber Players conducted by Ben Bolt-Martin
Vocalist : Srijan Chatterjee
Dancers : Enakshi Sinha and her team of dancers

Enakshi Sinha - One of the leading Odissi dancers in North America, cultivated a lifelong devotion to Indian Classical dance starting with Bharatnatyam followed by Odissi dance. Her active performance career spans for the last 18 years as a performer, choreographer and an art educator. She visits India seasonally for her performances and dance workshops. One of her recent performances was at the backdrop of Taj Mahal at TajMahotsav, 2018.Enakshi had the honour to perform during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in Toronto. She is a recipient of ' 2017 Women Achiever Award'. At present Enakshi is the Artistic Director of her dance institution 'Mrudanga Dance Academy’.

Wonderful World
Dance Theater

Children Dance Drama showcasing wonderful world of future citizens of Planet Earth. What they wonder? Some of their questions sometimes make us wonder, how beautiful their thoughts are. Their first day of school, their questions about the creation of Earth, their memories of vacations. Their thoughts of existence of the extinct.Sometimes they want to run away, sometimes they just want to be in the shelter of love of the parents.

This production is a way to make the kids realize, that we do love their thoughts.

Story: Atanu Chaudhary, Concept and Direction: Aparajita (Piya Das)

Piya Das's formal dance training started in Kathak , in 1982, before I joined the school of Tanushree Shankar. Her senior graduation was in 1994 from Tanushree Shankar school of performing Arts. She specialized in folk dances of Bengal, as well as Nava nritya, under the guidance of Mousumi roy. In 1996, she joined Gurukul for her Odissi training, under the guidance of Guru Sutapa Talukdar. Later, she continued learning Odissi, from Guru Enakshi Das Sinha, who has helped her to explore more in classical dance. After her bachelors, she moved to the States, to pursue her education where she completed her Masters in Business Administration.

Piya has performed and choreographed number of dance dramas, and mainly love to work with the kids, and dream to explore more on the variation of Rhythm.

Colors of India
United by dance

Theme: A journey showcasing the rhythms and dances from four corners of the nation.

Children's Choir
Heal the World

Sathee Band
The Musical Voyagers


Synopsis : In today’s world of high technology and rat race towards so called development – World is still divided in two major economic groups. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Well there is also another group who are unaware of the way their life is leading. Our story confides itself in the dilemma of these two social economic groups. A young boy Raghu desperate to make a life without the traumas of their present with his sister Radha, abolishing their drunkard father and his abuses. They try to flee from the life of misery but how they attain it is a journey that we take with them.

Profile of Director : A prominent name of Bengali theatre community in Kolkata. She did her masters in World Theatre Direction from Rabindra Bharati university & acted in over 300 plus plays in more than 11 different professional groups. Directed & designed over 33 different dramas in India and Canada. Arpita did various productions and managed different events for National School of Drama(NSD) Delhi. She herself co-ordinated and directed a play for visually impaired children which was much appreciated India wide. She shared stage as lead along with various legendary theatre actors like Bimal Chakraborty, Chandan Sen, sandhya Sen, Ashok Mukhopadhyay and none other than Soumitra Chatterjee. Her perfect blend of elegance and boldness in thought and keen attention to details made her the most sought after theatre personalities in both the countries. Her self-penned Drama "Umbrella" bagged 4 major awards in south Asian theatre festival in Toronto including Best Direction which she was awarded with.